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There is a National Epidemic in our college system

Advisers have a very high case load, especially for large schools and popular majors. Strapped for time, advisers sometimes make mistakes, which can have catastrophic consequences. Degree plans are incredibly complex and missing a class or taking the wrong one can have a devastating ripple effect completely derailing a student's graduation.

College Graduate on Graduation Day

DegreeChamp is here to help

Our software uses artificial intelligence to generate degree plans tailored to an individual's specific needs and which graduates them in the least amount of time. These electronic plans can then be modified by the student or their adviser, giving both a tool to effectively communicate with each other.


What can DegreeChamp do?

  1. Craft an optimized degree plan for each individual student
  2. Make advisers more effective by assisting them with course selection
  3. Provide a common tool between students and advisers.
  4. Provide admins with specific class recommendations that increase on-time graduation.
Artificial Intelligence Representation

How we use Artificial Intelligence

Historical Extrapolation

With statistical bias, DegreeChamp can tell exactly what class a semester is offered in, instead of relying on an advisor's domain knowledge.

Collaborative Filtering

Similar to how Amazon recommends products, DegreeChamp can suggest electives by analyzing previous student data.

One-Click Degree Planning

Using natural language processing, DegreeChamp extracts the general emotion from course evaluations and allows students to create paths based on constraints such as "easiest" or "most engaging".


With DegreeChamp, everyone wins!

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  • Increase on-time graduation rate and thus national rankings
  • Advisors are trained quicker
  • Happy students = more endowments
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  • Increase their advising effectiveness
  • Allows them to communicate easier with students
  • Give them a central location to do their job
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  • 24/7 access
  • No waiting in long lines for an advisor meeting
  • No inaccurate information due to human error

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